Le Roseau

 Located on the south bank of the Blavet, Lanvaudan retains large architectural heritage. Graded Ancient Monument, this village succeeded with the passing years in conserving a great amount of cottages dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The church devoted to St Maudé (1642) gave its name to the village.

It is here, in this genuine place, that Patrick Le Caloch welcomes you in his ancient cottage dating from the 17th century. The manor like building wich is located near the church, has sculpted window frames and narrow cut-out granite dormer windows.

15 people can be welcomed in this place of quality. Patrick will share his knowledge of old stones (those that talk to people who know how to listen to them). When coming back from your walks in the countryside, a good meal will be served in front of a good fire.

This 3 storeyed well-made home is full of simplicity and genuineness. A place in which you will find the peculiar cosiness and warmth of ancient cottages restored in a respectful traditionnal way.

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